ART of ‘Xenzity’

ART of ‘Xenzity’

The ART Model..  ART of ‘Xenzity’

Xenzity is a basic experience based model to deal with situations. This doesn’t need to be scientific, which is why it is called ART anyway. So, feel free to adapt it to suit you.

15 Rs of ART

Analyze: This is the first phase for approaching any situation.

  • Receive: Gather all the relevant information pertaining to the situation.
  • Review: Study and understand the information received.
  • Refer: Cross check earlier records of cases of similar situations.
  • Rationalize: Reason out to make a good sense of what, why, how, who, when, where etc.
  • Rate: Understand the severity of the situation, decide the importance and urgency.

Respond: The second phase for dealing with the situation.

  • Ready: Check on the readiness to fix the situation
  • Replenish: Get if anything that is missing or required in additional
  • Rehearse: Prepare and practice the action you would like to take.
  • Repair: Execute your response action to fix the situation or set it for what you wanted.
  • Restore: Restore the normalcy of the situation.

Transform: The third phase to enable long lasting result.

  • Retrospect: Contemplate and reflect on the happenings
  • Retrofit: Revamp the setup to meet the changed needs
  • Retain: Retain the changes without going back to the previous.
  • Revise: Revise and see if things are happening as desired.
  • Repeat: Repeat the ART cycle proactively to avoid reactive situations

What do you think of this model, sensible?

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  1. […] While Xenzity is the belief, ART is its practice. It simply means doing these steps Analyze, Respond and Transform about everything we do, while keeping the Xenzity in mind. Analyzing the XYZs, Resolving the inadequacies in and between them to get the Zs you want, then Transform for a sustaining result. That is in short the ART of ‘Xenzity’ and it is a continuous process. If you want to know more on ART read the blog ‘ART of Xenzity’ […]

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