Yourself v. Your Role

Yourself v. Your Role

To practice Xenzity, the art of making sense rationally, need a basic perquisite. That is the self-realization. The realization of oneself as an individual from the roles played in their work and life. The first step in that process is knowing the roles.

In the modern era life, at times the role become predominant than the person. Hence it become more important to know the person versus role and the relation between the two. Everyone have to play multiple roles in their life every day. The outcome of life is driven by how best a person can play these different roles. While someone play some of their roles really good, they may not do as good in other roles. That is why we see someone being highly successful in one part of the life and is not doing as good in other walks of the life.

Different roles in life need different skills. Everyone won’t have the same kind of skills or one don’t have all the skills the same level. The overall balance and happiness of the life also comes from a person’s ability to understand the roles as roles and individuals as individuals. In a role, one may end up doing something that you may not want to do as an individual person or the role may not let you do something that one really like to do.

Roles are taken up for various reason including commitments, expecting some returns, performing some assigned duties etc. When we realize this fact we will be able to disconnect the role from person as needed and avoid unnecessary emotional situations.

At times roles become more important than the person. It is common for all the levels from common man on the street to the national leaders and heroes. That is the time that the person will keep personal stuff aside and be in the role to bring their best. This can give lot of internal conflicts, but those lucky ones can do it easily and succeed in those roles.

We all achieve everything in our life through various roles that we play. But all those will eventually considered as the persons achievements and that make everyone continue playing different roles. None of those achievements are really of the person, hence it cannot be carried forever. Someday it had to be passed on. In one of my favorite movie, one of the actor acted as a movie star and he had a very meaningful dialogue, “people love me for the roles I did and characters I played on the screen, not for myself alone”. This is pretty much true for everyone in their life, everyone is mostly treated for the roles they play in life. Not just themselves. Hence it is very important to have clear understanding of our roles.

Roles changes over time and situations. Colleague, Manager, Leader, Father, Son, Mother, Daughter, Fiend, Neighbor, Teacher, Student, Citizen, the list goes on..

Have you ever took a stock of various roles you play? Which are those top 3 roles in your life at present? Are you satisfied with your performance in those roles? What are those few roles that you are playing but you really don’t want to? Do you have an exit plan from the same? Are there any conflict of interest between your different roles? Tough questions, but will help you achieve some level of realization!

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