The 5 C’s of Advises and Decisions

The 5 C’s of Advises and Decisions

In my role in office and life, I have to give lot of advisories and decisions every day. These are often verbal communication. Many times during the day, one of my team member may walks in and ask me about something Or while in a brainstorming session about something we are going to do new or a cross checking on something that they think I would know about. The situations vary. However, these are the opportunities for me to influence the team positively as their leader. When you do this for long, it is quite possible that you would derail at times and may give some input that is not inline with what it should have been. Learning this fact, few years back I started practicing something that I now call my 5Cs of Advises and Decisions. This has helped me do my job better. So here you go;

Consistency is key to stability and building trust, so, I’m particular that I’m consistent (with same or similar matters in the past) in all the decisions and advises I provide. If you are not consistent, you contradict yourself and it is difficult to gain trust and credibility within your team so as to build a high performing team.

Completeness is related to the usefulness and clarity of the Advise/Decision. It the receiver can use for a defines purpose, and get that feeling “that was helpful”, then it can be considered a complete decision. When the received feel “I have no clue about what are you talking about”, is most probably an incomplete one.

Compliance is always with reference to some set standards. When you are part of an organization, you have lot of process and rules to follow. Your decision need to be adhering to all that to have the organizational support and legal validity for your decisions and actions. Hence Compliance check is a must for my decisions and advice.

Complementing is must for the team’s success, when the team members complement each other through collaboration and team work that is when success comes in. So, I ensure that my advice and decision are promoting collaboration in my team.

Creativity goes to the innovative side of decision and advises. I always try to make sure that there is something new that is getting triggered. Some change, something new, something different is getting initiated for all those moments of influence.

While all these can be tautening to be considered while you make those quick decisions on the fly, by practice it can come handy. I dont usually do it like an explicit check list. But rather a mind-check to ensure that I considered all these factors. It is quite possible that you won’t give an equal weight to all of these all the time. Based on situations, you choose the appropriate. But, it is always good for you to have some mind check on your decisions and advises. Do it while counting on your five fingers, as an easy way to remember and make it a habit.

So, here you have the 5Cs. Try using it and let me know what you find.

Thanks, Sadik

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