Chances and Choices, the Destiny Drivers!

Chances and Choices, the Destiny Drivers!

Have you ever thought of what decides your future? The destiny? What made someone what they are today? Or what is going to make someone what will they be in future? I believe there are two common driving factors of destiny, I call them Chances and Choices. Chances are those opportunities, situations, environments, circumstances etc. that you are already in or getting into. Choices are what you choose and decide to do about it. There is sensible cyclic relation between these two. Every choice you make from the given chances will get you same or different chances. If you continue to choose the same, you will be in the vicious cycle. If you make selective choices and adjust it towards what chances you want in your next Destiny Cycle, you are likely to get close to it and eventually make it.


Usually we think, the Chances are not in our hand, though it is an after effect of our past Choices. However, when we want a different result, it can be considered so for a fresh start. Choices are always in our hand. So, we can focus on the Choices we make in our life and what we do on it, based on what Chances we would like to have. Also, like in everything else in life, iteration is important to perfect and reach want you want. Not all great things happens in first take and one go.

There is nothing called right choice or wrong choice. It is always about who you are what you want. Your right need not to be the right for others.

Like Einstein said, “it is insane to do same thing and expect different result.” So let us try different things or things differently, for those things in our life that we want to change. Have you ever changed course of something in your life by picking the Chances wisely and making your right Choice?

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