Power of Trust!

Power of Trust!

What is the real power of Trust? In my career, I have been lucky to work with many great leaders. One of them spoke to me about this concept. Though I ‘unknowingly knew’ this before, he made me think more and realize it. In one word, he used to mention the power of trust is Speed. When you trust, we can achieve immense speed in everything we do. This is possible by avoiding wasting time on any non-value adding activities. When we trust in the contributors in whatever we are trying to achieve, we don’t spend time on qualifying, review, checks etc. The contributors here means not just human but other things like machines, processes, information etc. Many times, even the planning is not required. Only the direct impact actions will happen. Everyone and everything in the chain known and do what is really and only required.

A simple example is when someone in listed in your contact list calls you on your mobile phone and you trust the phone line and your ability to recognize the voice of that person, you would talk freely. Say someone you know call from an unknown number, at least for the first few moments you have this doubt before you talk freely.

Another example is when we take risk on even our life based on a trust. Flying 30K feet up in the sky believing many things including the skill of an unknown pilot, or getting on board a train running at 200 miles an hour trusting the track it runs, doing a bangy jump trusting the rope, the Power of Trust is amazing.

For this level of Trust which gives the real speed, trusting the trust is important. If we have even slightest doubt in the trust, we won’t be able to do many thing things in our life.

Though I mentioned Speed and Risk impacts of trust, if we watch closely and think deep, we will know that Trust is the underlying factor on which this whole world is operating. When there is a change in that all other things also changes. So, Building Trust is important. I’ll post on What build Trust?. But before that, I would like to hear your thoughts on Power of Trust. Please post your comments below.

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