SMART Goals for Millennials and Digital Generation!

SMART Goals for Millennials and Digital Generation!

Most of us have heard and used the traditional SMART goal guideline. Where SMART stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time based. This has been the model for quite some time. However, I believe for the millennial generation in this fast moving era, it needs some revision. So, here is what my reloading for SMART goals model. Soulful, Motivating, Agile, Responsible and Transforming


Soulful: Any goal that is self-imposed is anytime better than that is assigned to you by someone else. If one has to feel accountability and ownership, it has to come from within. When the goals are self-set, that come in naturally. Such goals are often pursued to its completion irrespective of all the supporting and hindering factors.

Motivating: Goals should motivate those who work on it. Outcome of the goal, learning from attempting to achieve it and overall experience should have an inherent encouragement for it to keep going.

Agile: Refers to continuous evolution and adaptation to meet changing needs. Goals will have to be agile for it to be relevant as and when it happens and situations at that time. Just meeting what was decided in the past but no use at present won’t be worthwhile.

Responsible: Everyone should take up goals responsibly. All should understand its impact on themselves, team, company, society and others. Always prefer goals which will have an overall positive impact for all.

Transformational: The goal should be powerful enough to create some change. Irrespective of the end result, the work towards a goals should bring in some changes in those involved. Big or small, the changes bought in will be the long lasting result of a goal.

That is what I believe SMART goals for millennial generation. Is this make sense to you?

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