What build Trust?

What build Trust?

It is a straight forward question for every adults and most of us would have an easy to answer to it. But, one best way to get the right answer may be doing it in the reverse order. Think of few people you trust the most. Ask yourself why do you trust them? Give it a try and see if it gives you a convincing answer.

While you may find different reasons, you may also notice some common theme. Here is what my take on what build trust. I learned this from a leadership workshop sometime back.

What build TRUST

As per this model, two key ingredients to build TRUST are Character and Competence. Both are equally important. While Character is common across all fields, the Competence would define the level of TRUST specific to an areas or situation.

Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. This is usually an outcome of one’s Integrity and Intend. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong principles. Add-on to it is the Intend, the purpose or objective of being in a specific place or situation or relationship. Character is a major ingredient in building trust. A predictable, positive and aligned Character is a must for building trust with others. Irrespective of the area, Character is the base and common factor for building TRUST.

Competence is the ability to do something successfully and efficiently. Likely so, this will be specific to a field of operation or profession. This also could be based on number of years of experience, skills and expertise, training, certifications and authorizations etc.

Let us take an example, if we were to a taxi for a ride, we will prefer a driver who has past history of good behaviors with his riders. Even if he is a very good driver and knows the place better, we would still want a driver with good Character. At times we don’t have a way to confirm this and we will rely on the systems or just assume that will are good.

While it may not be possible to get both Character and Competence equally high in every relationship we have, it will be wise to balance it and appropriate based on the purpose and situation. For those very important relationships in life, both need to be at high. However, for those transactional aspects of life and work, we may choose to go with what is possible and take some level of risk in TRUST to get things done.

What is your take on What build TRUST? I also think that there is a undefinable aspect to TRUST, like they say the ‘Chemistry’, some people get along well while others with similar quality and background wont. Is there a Holy side to TRUST?

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