Stories behind things matters

Stories behind things matters

Often we end up taking things by its face value. Seldom do we look for the story behind things. The busyness and added focus on outcomes compel us looks for end results, but not the story behind. Many times, journey is more important than destination. So, at least at times we should look for the story behind things, beyond just the outcome. Here is such a story from my personal experience.

What do you think of this picture? Someone just sketched when they had nothing else to do? Or some budding artist’s first attempt?

It was on the last day of our vacation this year, due to heavy unexpected snow storm in the town, we got stuck in a railway station waiting room for whole day. It was crowded with so many people in a small area. Many of them with their families, were tensed about what is going to happen as they have no means to get out of the town nor a place to stay for that night. While this was the seen in the room, I was running around looking for some options to find a ride out of town or a room to stay that night.

You can read the whole story here or watch it on Youtube

But, my son Yaseen, an 8 year old picked up a paper and crayons then started drawing this picture. It was the famous character from the comic book he was reading in this travel. He kept himself calm and engaged with it. It made a lot easier for my wife and me to deal with the situation. Though not a great picture, this become our memorabilia from the trip.  That is the same reason why I will keep this piece of paper as a precious asset. Without the story behind, this would have been just another rough sketch he does often and would have ended somewhere.

So, many things in life has more value than its face value. Most of the time that is connected with the stories behind it. It is truly worth exploring the story behind things before we conclude and build a perceptions.

Have you ever had experience of the “story behind” changing the your perception about the situation or people?

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